6. Insuring Autonomous Vehicles: A Collision of the Old and the New

This week we talked about the collision of the new with the old; the emergence of autonomous vehicles and its impact on Insurance.

Underwriting risk in the era of self driving cars will profoundly challenge the relevance and role of the insurance industry.  Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, State Farm, Allstate, all have something to say.  And it is surprisingly on point.

How do you insure software?  Who will step in to do so?  And, are the current insurance carriers equipped to compete in this new era?

On this episode of Insight for Sharp Investors we share our thoughts on the rate, pace, and impact of autonomous vehicles on the insurance industry.

If you want more of our thoughts on this topic, you might also enjoy our recent Musing –  Warren Buffett believes that autonomous vehicles are a threat to the insurance industry. He is right.

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