CES 2018

A dizzying event with sensory overload.

That said, we did extract highlights that intersect well into our focus themes and companies we cover here at Piercing View.

  • Augmented Reality: Apple, Facebook, Samsung … at the cusp of seeing tangible examples of its use and value. Stay tuned.
  • Health Care Devices: Continued momentum across wearables, fitness trackers, and Insurance participation
  • Connected home: Appliances still pricey – do not anticipate mass market adoption yet – but established brands (Whirlpool, Samsung, Honeywell) are clearly highly focused and partnering with ecosystem leaders (e.g. Amazon, Apple)
  • Home Security: Alarm.com, Brinks, ADT extending its consumer reach to include compelling security moments; data, transportation, predictive actions.

Executive Summary for public release.  Enjoy!

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