1. The Internet of Everything

In our inaugural episode, we take a step back and define the Internet of Everything (IoE), explain why it is significant, and evaluate the impact it will have on our everyday lives. We also talked about the IoE’s similarity to the internet itself, a new industrial revolution, and how this technology can be used at the commercial and municipal levels.

About Piercing View

Our mission at Piercing View is to provide investors actionable insights of disruptive forces impacting industries by generating in-depth research and analysis to evaluate equity investments. So, how does one isolate the signal from the noise? How does one identify the long-term winners and losers from the impact of these transformational shifts across industries? It is going to be quite a journey, and Piercing View will be at the forefront; capturing, analyzing, scoring, and delivering solid, credible, independent analysis to you, while hopefully making it fun, actionable, and educational.

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