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We are currently reviewing Quarter 2, 2016 use of Internet of Everything (IoE) principles by our target Industrial company segment across the S&P 1500.

These include the following sub-industries: construction machinery, heavy trucks, heavy equipment, heavy electrical, agricultural and farm machinery, electric components and machinery, and industrial conglomerates.  Please see company coverage list at the end of the musing for current coverage company list.

As always, a fuller version of the musings below, in depth company details, strategic initiatives, IoE Scores and Industry rankings will be posted for members in the member dashboard @

Our findings & impressions so far:

§  IoE broad themes are understood by most executive teams – in particular those residing in the S&P – and are ‘bought in’ to its potential for opportunities and disruption

§  Broad understanding of the ‘art of the possible’; no shortage of strategic announcements of initiatives, marketing and unique partnerships

§  Initiatives of note include sensor networks connecting machines to anticipate and ‘sense’  break and fix processes, predictive analytics, adaptive manufacturing (3D printing)for prototyping, robotics in manufacturing, and some dabbling in augmented reality for training purposes

§  Emerging ‘strategic’ partnerships, consortiums, innovation hubs is all the rage.  Makes sense as this is typically how an emerging concept is incubated and gradually cobbled together

§  General Electric (GE) is leading the charge.  Their company-wide pivot to generate and ride the Industrial Internet  – (Predix)- is sure to sustain the momentum for years to come.  If there is one company to bet to win in the tsunami that could usher in an industrial internet, it is certainly GE.

A sampling of examples and use cases we are investigating:

Industry understands opportunity and potential disruption


§  Caterpillar:  ‘internet of big things’

§  Flowserve:   “Ultimately, the IoT will take the collection, dissemination, and analysis of data to the next level and help generate significant improvements in process uptime and availability, which will in turn help drive profitability and performance”

§  Joy Global:  Coal-mining machine has vibration sensors that sample 10,000 times per second

§  Paccar: Robotics manufacturing, safety sensors in trucks, etc

§  Parker Hannifin: Sensing and monitoring from near and afar machines.  In house 3d printing

§  Stanley Black and Decker:  Georgia Tech Internet-of-Things Center

§  AGCO:  IoT on the farm thought leadership

§  Emerson:   Pervasive sensing

§  IBM:  Embedding intelligence in the Internet of Things

§  Sensing, anticipating, predicting real use cases that solve for current challenges

§  Trane:  Preventive maintenance

§  Eaton:  Energy savings

§  Flowserve:  Pumps & predictive analytics


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And finally, if you enjoy diverse opinions.

§  Equipping machines for new revenue streams



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