Industry Executive Summary for 1H 2017

Piercing View’s Executive Summary for 1st Half of 2017

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Some highlights we will discuss in detail:

1. Trend Spotting
Health Care Devices Industry gaining momentum q/q primarily due to significant improvements in Value delivery and Wave initiative momentum (50% score improvement) though scores still under 10 -i.enothing to get excited about yet
Health Care Device Leaders breaking away from the group

2. Signals
Top 3 Financial Gold Leaders represent majority of Innovation score spike due to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency/tokenization & Artificial Intelligence initiatives –mostly recently announced and in ‘trial’ phase

3. Rankings
Leaders squarely in momentum & results phase
Leaders diverge by 2x factor from median peers
Leadersacrossmultiple VIEW attributes: Nike, Caterpillar, Allstate, CapOne, Oceaneering, Medtronic & Lowes
Engagement attribute leading score improvements

4. Momentum
Gold momentum leaders in Q2 2017

5. Initiatives
Q2_2017: 222 scored companies, 2165 unique initiatives assessed across 7 themes
q/qgrowthinincremental captured initiatives continues to gain momentum
Industrial Machines, Oil & Gas stand out in terms of initiative growth, maturity, and breadth

6. BusinessFunctions
Front end business functions –product,sales, support –r&d -continue to dominate focus of initiatives

7. Pivots
Connected environments, sensor networks, mobile applications, remote monitoring and cloud delivery of services dominate initiative pivots.
On aggregate, approx. 50% initiatives are fully deployed (D2)
Predominated by cloud, mobile, remote monitoring, and sensor networks
Emerging pivots -Drones, AR/VR, AI, Blockchain -were particularly evident and drove newinitiativegrowth this quarter

8. Back testing for shareholder returns
Serge will review our findings to date.

Take care and talk soon

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