Company: Industrials_Machines [Top 10]


Each Company Report begins with highlights of research findings for the quarter.

It summarizes the company’s IoE initiatives with a focus on selected high-impact developments to evaluate how well the company is performing across the VIEW pillars: Value, Innovation, Engagement and Wave (Momentum).

Each report cross-references IoE themes illustrated by the company’s initiatives.

Each report concludes with the company’s current IoE Score Results, where it sits on the IoE Journey, and how it compares to prior periods.

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Industrials – Machines.  “Top 10” Individual Company IoE Reports.

Period:  1H 2016

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Please refer to to the Industrials_Machine Theme Report for a full list of companies we evaluated for this Top 10 selection.

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Companies included in this bundle:

CAT Caterpillar Inc
CMI Cummins Inc
ASTE Astec Industries Inc
FLS Flowserve Corp
SWK Stanley Black & Decker
DE Deere & Co
EMR Emerson Electric Co
ROK Rockwell Automation Inc