IoE Score: Fun with Analytics & Visuals: Q1 2018


Q1 2018 Data Visualization Tools: IoE Score

I am frequently asked about the tools we use to develop our investment thesis.  And, if we can make them available.  We do so with our clients and review them in detail when requested.

In addition to the reports generated from our analytics database, I use Microsoft’s PowerBI tool quite a bit to make sense of it all.  You will have noticed heavy use of visuals from this tool in our most recent reports.

Although they are quite dense and designed for us to filter, analyze, dive in and out  – in other words, not for snapshot views and easy consumption – I am happy to share with the community.  Below are the most recent versions.

Enjoy!  We have developed multiple core visualization ‘views’ that help us on a day to to day basis drill into our research results.

They include:

  • Backtesting for stock performance of leaders vs laggards in the IoE Score
  • IoE Score progression over time for each theme, s&p sector and company in our coverage
  • Initiatives and technologies organized by business function, stage of maturity, value provided to company

The example below details the IoE Score evolution for our covered companies across the themes we focus on.

Note:  Highly advise you expand the View for full screen !!! 

Also, note that for reasons only Microsoft can rationalize, the Tabs at the bottom do not appear as designed and begin with the last tab.  Once you see each panel you hopefully will understand how and why they flow from one tab to another.

Note to Members:  Contact directly to schedule a detailed reviews.  


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