What a ‘Raw’ Piercing View Industry Report Looks Like ….

We are frequently  asked about our research methodology, our scoring model, as well as the ‘raw’ research materials we collect, and such. 

All good questions!


We thought it would be valuable to post a couple of exhibits that address different facets of our approach and methodology.

Of course,  client members have access to the full research stack. (That is, all source materials collected across each quarter for each company, company synopsis and findings, detailed score results, and our commentary.)


This exhibit is an example of the ‘raw output’ generated by research team where we collect and categorize all initiatives for each company.

This is an example of the ‘Industrial Machines’ theme results.

It is normally very long and chock full of information, and forms the basis of our analysis to develop our industry scores and observations.

It is NOT the final industry report, but is a critical foundation we study to understand initiatives across the industry value chain.

Industrial Machines Raw Reprt:  Please click here to view in PDF


Take care and talk soon

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