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Tomorrows Winners Today

In an unprecedented age of disruption, Piercing View offers key insights and thorough research required by investment managers to determine portfolio allocations.

We have the subject matter expertise, research approach and deep scoring database to assess, benchmark, and predict the likely success or failure of an S&P 1500 company. 
Piercing View provides deep industry and company research and validates findings with best in class analytics and data visualization tools.  All are offered to our clients to assist in successful portfolio management decisions.

With two decades of experience in technology, consulting, and corporate strategy, and a keen understanding in how business models evolve, we select companies which demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage.



Identifying Winners

We offer a scalable analytics and technology platform to hone-in on ‘signals’, delve into insights as well as perform head-head comparisons.



Working With Winners

Piercing View offers both summary and deeply researched reports across selected industries and companies to complement our advisory and consulting service.


Visual Analytics & Detailed Reports


Clients may access reports, source findings, raw materials, as needed, including:

Industry and company initiatives per quarter & capability scores, & visualization tools and analytics.



Contact Serge to join Piercing View

Members enjoy Piercing View’s full-stack consulting and advisory services, including access to all reports.